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Jobs Driven Networking Group
Wheaton, IL

Sept. 16th Topic: Networking Consistency

Presenter: Paul Cameron, Founder, & President, DriveStaff, Inc.

Building a strong network is critical to achieving above average career success, but maintaining it is equally important. How do you maintain it? Consistency.

In this meeting you will learn:
1. How to prioritize your network
2. How to set up a contact frequency schedule
3. How to check in and ideas for what to say

If you built a good network of talented professionals who know you (or if you have definite plans to build one), and you want to keep it active, then join us and learn how! It’s time to get to work!

We are limited to 100 attendees for our meetings, so register now to ensure you have a seat!

Tips Only Please!

Rather than asking for contributions or donations, we employ a tip system for our meetings. It’s like tipping wait staff at a restaurant, but better! For most of us, if the waiter does great or a lousy job of delivering our food, we still leave a good tip because we know they are working hard to serve us. But leaving $20 or just $5 on the table is determined AFTER the service is rendered.

Our Tips work the same way. It doesn’t make sense to pay $15 up front to attend a presentation that may not deliver the value you expect. Likewise, it doesn’t make sense to take valuable information from someone who delivered it in well crafted presentation and then not leave a tip or contribution of any kind for the work they’ve done for you.

Tips give you the best of both options. If the meeting is awful, leave an Advice Tip. If the meeting is great and you value the time the presenter dedicated to creating and delivering the information, then leave a tip commensurate with the service you received.

Both Tip types will indicate which topics delivered value and which ones didn’t. Thanks for participating!

Meets: 3rd Thursday every month from 12pm to 1pm to discuss networking tactics and search strategies. Meetings are FREE to attend in person.

Does your company have a referral program? Join us. Meet people. Need Job leads? Join us. Just need to grow your network? Join us.

Sponsors: & DriveStaff

A repository of all JDNG presentations are currently available in the JDNG Archive for members of, backed by more than 350 recruiting firms across the United States, and more than 100 people like you have written testimonials about the training.

Previous speakers have included Lee Junkans (top left), Joy Maguire Dooley (top right),
the late Robert Podgorski (bottom left), Jim Klink (bottom middle) and Jim Fergle (bottom right).


Who should attend this event?

Anyone who would like to strengthen their search skills and expand their networks.

This is for:

  • Job Seekers: People looking for connections, leads, and networking skills.
  • Job Givers: Employers with job openings or employees of companies offering referral bonuses to help fill their company’s job openings.
  • Job Havers: People who are currently employed wanting to keep their networks strong for business opportunities and potential future job searches. Since the average employment tenure is less than 3 years, you’ll likely need a strong network someday. Start building it here!

What are my parking options?

Your driveway, garage, or possibly the street in front of your house or where ever you plan to watch this webinar. 😉

Join us Sept. 16th!

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This month: Networking Consistency


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