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August 15th Topic: Taking a Risk

Presenter: Janet Rand, Career & Life Transition Coach 

Taking risks while transitioning from one job to another is a given, especially while networking. However, as Janet will share with us, sometimes the freedom we seek is in the risks themselves. This may seem like an odd topic for a job club meeting about networking, but there’s a deeper story behind it.My name is Paul Cameron, IT recruiter of 20+ years and I founded SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com in 2015. A few months ago, in April, I was at the crossroads of a major decision for SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com. I was seriously considering shutting it down. Although I have a genuine passion for it, I thoroughly enjoy running it, and have a talent for it, it was preventing me from recruiting which is how I make a living. The site is not a revenue source for me, just an enjoyable side project. Whether I shut it down or keep it, both represented a major risk. So I delivered an emotional presentation at our meeting in April and prayed that I would receive some guidance.I shared a personal story at that meeting with everyone about my freshman year in college when I was in a severe car wreck, hit by a drunk driver which left me in a hospital bed with two broken legs for many months. At that time, I leaned heavily on motivational poems and essays to keep my spirits up while I recovered. I’ve referred to that collection of poems many, many times throughout my life for wisdom and inspiration whenever I face a difficult decision.The wreck happened on Easter Sunday 1991, and the poems I had collected that year were once again providing inspiration for me; so much so that I even mentioned them during that April presentation earlier this year. One poem in particular is called “Risks” and has helped me through many big decisions over the years. Now, over 25 years later, it was especially relevant for me again.I didn’t know the author when I found the poem, and frankly, I didn’t know that I knew the author all these years later…until that day in April, because she was in the audience that day. The author is Janet Rand.There were only 20 to 25 people there that day, so the likelihood of this meeting is extraordinarily small. However, I am quite certain that wasn’t a chance encounter; our steps were directed to be at that JDNG meeting that day. After she signed my xerox copy of her poem that I got from my college library all those years ago, she agreed to speak for us in August.Her topic is, “Taking a Risk”, but for me, attending this meeting is a sure thing. This meeting has been 28 years in the making and will be one that I will not soon forget. I hope you will be there to experience it as well. I’ll also share details about the decision I’ve come to about SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com at this meeting as well. I hope you can join us.


September 19th Topic: Social Media Strategies for Job Seekers

Presenter: Dee Reinhardt, Social Media Strategist 

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October 17th Topic: Open Discussion with a Hiring Manager

Presenter: Jason O’Brien, Senior IS Manager, Navistar 


Meets: 3rd Thursday every month from 12:10pm to 12:50pm to discuss networking tactics and search strategies. Meetings are FREE to attend in person.

Does your company have a referral program? Join us. Meet people. Need Job leads? Join us. Just need to grow your network? Join us.

Sponsors: SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com, DriveStaff & Wheaton Masonic Lodge 269.

A repository of all JDNG presentations are currently available in the JDNG Archive for members of SpeedUpMyJobSearch.com, backed by more than 350 recruiting firms across the United States, and more than 100 people like you have written testimonials about the training.

Previous speakers have included Lee Junkans (top left), Joy Maguire Dooley (top right), Robert Podgorski (bottom left), Jim Klink (bottom middle) and Jim Fergle (bottom right).


Who should attend this event?

Anyone who would like to strengthen their search skills and expand their networks.

This is for:

  • Job Seekers: People looking for connections, leads, and networking skills.
  • Job Givers: Employers with job openings or employees of companies offering referral bonuses to help fill their company’s job openings.
  • Job Havers: People who are currently employed wanting to keep their networks strong for business opportunities and potential future job searches. Since the average employment tenure is less than 3 years, you’ll likely need a strong network someday. Start building it here!

What should I bring?

Bring a notebook/pen to take notes, and if you have business cards and handbills, please bring them. Also, this is cafeteria style room with lunch tables, please feel welcome to bring lunch to eat while listening to the presentation. We will not be serving food.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Paul Cameron can be reached at [email protected].

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, bringing your ticket is not required.

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What are my parking options?

There is a free (but small) parking lot connected to the building, free parking on the street, and a very large parking garage with 300 free parking spots one block West on Wesley St.

If the Mason parking lot is full (it usually is), then exit the lot, take a left, go to the next block and take a left to the lot. The arrows below animate this exciting journey to the big parking garage.

It’s 3-minute walk away, a 5-minute stroll, and 10-minute meander. Go at your own pace. See you Thursday!

JDNG Parking in Wheaton

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