DriveStaff is a Search Firm. Our Recruiters are paid to find talented IT professionals for the employers who hire us. The employers pay our fees, never the candidates.

Job seekers should only pay fees for structured professional advice on where to find great jobs, and how to land them, to job search coaches and outplacement services. DriveStaff does not charge any fees to job seekers.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee thorough vetting of every candidate before sending their resume to you. We guarantee honest feedback from the marketplace about your position. We offer a 30 day, 100% replacement guarantee on every candidate to ensure they have the skills they represent while interviewing. We also guarantee detailed reference checks on every placed candidate to further ensure you are getting the skilled individual you need.

Our Fees

Curious Job Seekers: Yes, fees are a “percentage” of salary, but it does not come out of the salary, it is simply calculated from the base salary number; paid separately.

The fee schedule below is here for the benefit of employers who need our services. We believe in complete transparency, to both our candidates and our employer clients, so these are our fees. It’s important to note that when you hire a headhunter, you are paying for their network and their ability to access and deliver the best people.

Different headhunters bring you different networks, and therefore charge different fees. If the success of your company depends on the quality of your people, then working with the right recruiting firm is essential.

We can give your jobs more coverage than any other single recruiting firm due to our network. Take a look!

We have an immediate network of more than 39,000 local IT professionals, and we are members of a national network of more than 350 elite recruiting firms employing 1,000+ recruiters. That gives us access to a shared database of more than 2.5 Million people AND the recruiters who have those relationships!

We Recruit AND Post for you.

Your company name will not be revealed in any of our postings, and we will make your position available on: 

  • DriveStaff.com – Our Hot Jobs List and weekly RSS email
  • Our Independent Job Board which is national, and well advertised
  • The Career Pages of more than 350 individual search firms 
  • More than 1,000 other job search sites, both paid and non-paid
  • A majority of the Job Club message boards in Chicago who will actively promote your job! (Chicago ranks #2 in most Job Clubs in the nation!)

All of that before our talented recruiting team even picks up the phone! Nobody can give you the same coverage that DriveStaff can!

We offer 3 service options:

Even at our lowest level, your role will get more coverage than any other single recruiting firm can offer due to our network.

Our fees are contingent on success, so you pay nothing unless we fill your job.
If you need a wider reach with more quality coverage, call us today!

(630) 941-3748 or [email protected]


  • Our team of recruiters will pro-actively call through our database & network for matching talent.
  • Confidentially* notify our immediate network (39K+ local tech professionals).
  • Confidentially* notify our national network of recruiters.
  • Confidentially* notify the fans/followers of DriveStaff’s company social media pages.
    è Includes 350+ recruiting firms, more than 1,000+ recruiters.
    è Exposure for your position on more than 1,000 job boards confidentially*.
    è Exposure to more than 3 million candidates via Twitter, FB, LinkedIn.

All incoming applicants will be interviewed by our recruiters specifically for your job.


  • Everything in previous level is included.
  • Our internal recruiters will proactively create targeted lists of passive candidates.
  • Each potential fit will be aggressively recruited by our team (4 touches each).

***A 3 week exclusive and $3K engagement fee will get 2nd level service for a 1st level 25% fee.***


  • Everything in previous levels are included.
  • An internal recruiter & researcher will be assigned to your positions.
  • External Network Recruiters will be assigned to your position covering more ground, faster.
  • We will pro-actively mine the shared databases of 2.5+ Million people from our network.
  • Your positions will be worked at our highest priority level until the jobs are filled.
***A 3 week exclusive and $5K engagement fee will get 3rd level service for a 2nd level 27.5% fee.***

(fee are calculated from the base salary number.)

* ”Confidentially” meaning we will not disclose your company name in any conversations or postings.
***All engagement fees are credited toward the total fee upon completion of the search.

This model allows our clients to select the priority of their roles and the desired service levels we provide, which has been working very well for our current clients. 

Our recruiters are commission based, and prioritize their time accordingly, so as you move higher on fee scale, they of course will increase the priority they place on your position over our other positions. However at any level, our exclusive, engaged searches are always our top priorities.


Contact Us

DriveStaff, Inc.
Wheaton, IL 60187

(630) 941-DRIVE (3748)

Looking for a Wisconsin company called Drive Staff for employment verification, references, W2 info, or other? That is NOT us. Their name has a space between "Drive" and "Staff", where as ours is one word. They do not have a web presence, we suspect, to avoid your calls. We encourage you to investigate further and question them about it. We are a technology recruiting firm with ONE location in IL, since 2002.


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Contact Us

DriveStaff, Inc.
114 N. Hale St., Suite B
Wheaton, IL 60187

(630) 941-DRIVE (3748)

Looking for a Wisconsin company called Drive Staff for employment verification, references, W2 info, or other? Click here

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