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    iRecruiting Team Lead for Acxiom Corporation in Downers Grove, IL
    iSr. Recruiter at Ulta Cosmetics in Romeoville, IL
    iCorporate Recruiter at Infogix in Naperville, IL
    iManager of Talent Acquisition at Federal Signal in Oak Brook, IL
    iDirector of Application Development at MF Global in Chicago, IL

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What is DriveStaff’s process?  How do we do what we do for clients?

From the moment the search assignment is given to us, our wheels go in motion…

Step 1) Our current candidate database is scanned for potential matches. Thanks to our monthly newsletter, we are proud to say that our database is 92% accurate. Having a huge database does not help you if the contact information for the candidates is out of date. Our candidate contact information is kept accurate monthly.

Where do our candidates come from?  Each recruiter brings years of experience, as well as an established network of candidates they’ve met over the years which are all combined in our database.  Additionally, we give presentations at the local Job Clubs regularly to encourage a steady stream of referrals into our pool.  Next, we scan our company database for organizations who employ people utilizing the skills our clients are looking for, ideally from DIRECT COMPETITORS, to start cold recruiting the best people out. (note: we do NOT recruit from clients of DriveStaff) Lastly, numerous online users group sites and other internet sites are scanned for potential matches. Any and all potential matches are called and screened to match your open requirement.

Step 2) Prior to a resume being presented to a client, the potential candidate is thoroughly interviewed, and carefully screened for the specific needs the client is seeking. Of the numerous candidates who will be interviewed, Only the best candidates are sent to the client. In addition to the resume, an accurate profile will be included explaining the information learned from the initial screening to assist the client’s decision of whom to interview.

Step 3) Any candidates whom the client would like to interview will be personally escorted to their interviews whenever possible. The reason for this is to make the introductions as smooth and as comfortable as possible for both the candidate and the client. Personally escorting candidates to interviews also allows us the opportunity to ensure prompt arrival of the candidates. Learning exactly what part of town the client is located, where to park, which floor to go to and where to get the security badge are time consuming and potentially stressful hassles which this step effectively averts for our candidates.

Step 4) After every interview we will consult with the candidate to determine their interest level, and share that information with client to assess the best strategy to proceed.

Step 5) We will then become the liaison to both parties when negotiating the employment terms. Our goal is to ensure the satisfaction of both the candidate and the client when coming to terms on the offer. With someone in the middle helping to execute the negotiations, it is much easier to make sure that everyone’s true needs are met without jeopardizing the future employee-employer workplace relationship.

Step 6) The client can be assured each new employee will be coached on various techniques of how to make sure their first day, week and month are a smooth and successful transition into their new career.

Step 7) Follow up! Follow up! Follow up! Up until the actual start date of the new employee, we will stay in constant contact with both parties to resolve any conflicts that may arise. Then we will continue to follow up with both parties periodically after the start date to ensure that everyone is enjoying their new work environment!

These 7 steps only make up the minimum, basic outline we follow in every search. Integrity, Honesty and Open Communication are principles instilled in every step throughout the process. There are several more steps, beliefs and details involved within each search which are not listed here. For the purposes of keeping this site user friendly and easy to get through, this is a condensed version of our process. However please ask for more details when you call if you would like to learn more.



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Looking for a Wisconsin company called Drive Staff for employment verification, references, W2 info, or other? That is NOT us. Their name has a space between "Drive" and "Staff", where as ours is one word. They do not have a web presence, we suspect, to avoid your calls. We encourage you to investigate further and question them about it. We are a technology recruiting firm with ONE location in IL, since 2002.


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DriveStaff, Inc.
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