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About Us

DriveStaff, Inc. is an IT recruiting firm for Senior Technology Professionals in the Chicago area.

Why we do what we do.

  1. Because millions of people need help finding a job.
  2. Because we have an ability to help them in a way no one else can.
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Core Values

All of our employees know our core values from memory, and strive to live by them in every interaction.

  1. We provide exceptional, wow-worthy customer service.
  2. We continuously seek new ways to help every connection.
  3. We find solutions, not explanations, not credit, nor blame.
  4. We understand job search stress and never judge, repeat, nor react.
  5. We choose to do the right thing, every time, regardless of the cost.
  6. We continuously learn and teach.
Our recruiting process for employers is truly unmatched. With our core values guiding our every step, we have created a process and built the relationships which give us greater access to the most talented people our clients are seeking.We are the founders and creators of, a resource to help talented professionals of all backgrounds navigate the ever changing job market. By regularly giving seminars at the Job Clubs, we see first hand many very talented, intelligent professionals who are struggling with the job search.Often it’s a case of just not knowing how much more they could be doing to help themselves land quickly. Through our job search training website, we teach them the strategies they need. As a result, we become a trusted, expert resource to a talented candidate pool which gives us deeper access into the passive candidate market than our competitors.Please review all the links under our “About Us” heading to learn more about us.

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Contact Us

DriveStaff, Inc.
114 N. Hale St., Suite B
Wheaton, IL 60187

(630) 941-DRIVE (3748)

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